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The Origin of the Wedding Ring

Since the time of the Pharaohs, the ring, in the form of a circular band, has been regarded as a symbol of eternity – a constant reminder and symbol that happiness and love have no beginning or end.

The tradition of engaging wedding rings dates back to Roman times, when a ring was given as a public pledge that the marriage contract between a man and a woman would be honoured. Early Christians later adopted this custom and the ring became an integral part of the marriage service.

The significance of the ring was soon enhanced by the addition of precious gems. Often these gems were selected by colour and for the symbolism those colours represented. The diamond has, of course, become the most popular and is highly praised for its beauty, rarity and strength – all qualities which epitomise the virtues of the marriage covenant.

The world has undergone many changes, but the traditions established by the Pharaoh of exchanging wedding rings has remained one constant tradition in an otherwise rapidly changing world.

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