Whenever I am asked to speak in front of a crowd, the nerves kick in even though, logically, I know everything is in order. Completing the "It’s Time You Spoke Up" workshop has provided me with an understanding of why that happens and a few strategies to help me deal with nervous reactions. The workshops are fun, social and enlightening – Liz Paine is a true professional!
Trisha McIntyre
Community Relations Officer | Media and Public Relations | North Coast TAFE
I highly recommend Liz Paine’s workshops to assist one in public speaker. Prior to attending I was terrified to speak in a group get together, never mind in front of an audience. Attending Liz’s workshop gave me the confidence to ‘speak up‘ and I no longer fear facing a group. Her workshops are fun and educational. I’ve since given numerous talks in my field and people assured me they enjoyed the talk. Thank you Liz!!
Sharin Stammers
Naturopathic Herbalist and Iridologist, Sydney
I did the "It's Time You Spoke Up!" course and it was very helpful with my public speaking. The course was very professional and clear. For anyone wanting to better their public speaking skill I would recommend give Liz a call.
Damian King
Sales Consultant and Professional Bodyboarder | Two-time Bodyboarding World Champion
Recently I took the opportunity to attend "It's Time You Spoke Up" a two day workshop facilitated by Liz Paine. Like most of us I was daunted by the thought of public speaking albeit on a small scale. Liz shared her wealth of knowledge and experience freely over the two days as well as providing us with many tools and tips on how to present successfully. I surprised myself just how much confidence I had gained by the end of this workshop and have no hesitation in recommending Liz's training to anyone who finds themself in the position of having to speak publicly.
Desle Mason
Administration Manager, St. Joseph’s Family Services
My husband and I attended Liz Paine's workshop, "Its Time You Spoke Up" in 2013. It was great fun and we both benefited from an improvement in public speaking skills and self-confidence.
Lyndal Coote
Scooter Marketing
Thank-you you so much for the very enjoyable workshop. We had such a great time and felt so at ease.
Rosemary DeKauwe
Speech Workshop - Macarthur Community College
Just wanted to confirm that you are excellent trainer & teacher in NSW & it was lovely meeting you & I hope I'll see u again.
Nader Namo
Participant - Voice and Speech Workshop - Macarthur Community College