Your Privacy is Important

This statement outlines how The Occasional Speaker uses and manages Personal Information provided to, or collected by, us.

The Occasional Speaker is committed to the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

The Occasional Speaker may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws; changes in how technology is used; changes to The Occasional Speaker’s operations and practices and to make sure it remains appropriate to the changing consultancy and training environment.

What kind of personal information does The Occasional Speaker collect and how is it collected?

The type of information The Occasional Speaker may collect and hold can include (but is not limited to) personal information, including sensitive information, about:

  • Participants who attend training courses facilitated by The Occasional Speaker’s Principals or consultants
  • Trainers, training and business consultants
  • Staff of organisations where The Occasional Speaker provides consultancy services
  • Individuals or organisations enquiring about The Occasional Speaker’s services; this information may then be passed onto a trainer or consultant. The Occasional Speaker will ask your consent prior to doing this, and
  • Consultancy applications/Expressions of Interest sent to The Occasional Speaker by prospective consultants.
  • Information disclosed by Organisations and/or their staff or nominees during the course of consultancy arrangements.
  • Personal information you provide

The Occasional Speaker will generally collect personal information held about the above named groupings by way of:

  • Face to face, telephone calls and/or written communication including through email transmissions between the individual and the trainer and/or consultants
  • Face to face, telephone calls and/or written communication from participants in The Occasional Speaker Training Programs or meetings
  • Course registration, attendance sheets and program evaluation sheets filled out by participants when evaluating their training experience, summaries and progress reports filled out by trainer and/or consultants delivering the The Occasional Speaker program
  • Articles and statements contributed by consultants, organisations or participants to the The Occasional Speaker website
  • Personal information written into assessment events
  • Application forms, letters and resumes from prospective consultants and expressions of interest from consultants seeking consultancy or training projects or involvement or partnering arrangements with The Occasional Speaker, and
  • During consultation and/or at interview.

Personal information provided by other people

In some circumstances The Occasional Speaker may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example a reference or referral from another person or information provided by a training program participant, friend or relative.

Exception in relation to consultant/trainer records

Under the Privacy Act the National Privacy Principles do not apply to an employee record. As a result, in the event that The Occasional Speaker provides employment this Privacy Policy does not apply to The Occasional Speaker’s treatment of any employee records where the treatment is directly related to a current or former employment relationship between The Occasional Speaker and an employee.

How will The Occasional Speaker use and disclose the personal information you provide?

The Occasional Speaker will use and disclose personal information it collects from you for the primary purpose of implementing a training program or providing consultancy services, or project employment in relation to the brief provided by its client and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection and reasonably expected, to which you have consented or as required or authorised by law.

Who might The Occasional Speaker disclose personal information to?

The Occasional Speaker may disclose personal information to the following organisations, in relation to involvement and/or implementation of the The Occasional Speaker Program:

  • Commonwealth and State tribunals (eg Courts, industrial commissions or anti-discrimination bodies)
  • Commonwealth and State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Training authorities during the course of consultation on your behalf (with permission of the client )
  • Trainers, consultants, facilitators and individuals or organisations during the process of determining their suitability for projects or to those inquiring about implementing the The Occasional Speaker’s programs and services
  • Readers of our newsletters/websites and other promotional material where an article or statement is submitted for publication (with permission from the contributor)
  • Hospitals and medical centres in the case of medical emergency
  • Service providers (such as printing and IT companies) for the purpose of and in the process of distribution of the The Occasional Speaker newsletter and in the development of trainer, consultant databases, and
  • Anyone students or clients authorise The Occasional Speaker to disclose information to.

How does The Occasional Speaker treat sensitive information?

In referring to ‘sensitive information’, The Occasional Speaker means information relating to an individual’s:

  • racial or ethnic origin
  • political opinions
  • membership of a political association
  • religious beliefs or affiliations
  • philosophical beliefs
  • membership of a professional or trade association
  • membership of a trade union
  • sexual preferences or practices
  • criminal record (e.g. knowledge that a criminal record check has been conducted within the last 5 years of trainers and Companions implementing the The Occasional Speaker Program), and
  • health information (e.g. in respect to medical conditions that a client, participant, consultant or trainer may have, in order for appropriate action to be taken in the case of an emergency, for instance, if an individual participating in a training program has diabetes or epilepsy).

The Occasional Speaker will also collect information about trainers and consultants in the event that they are required to work in direct unsupervised contact with children.

In the above case, The Occasional Speaker will seek the consent of trainers and consultants and send out required documentation, depending on what State they live in and deliver the The Occasional Speaker service, and ask that the information is returned by them prior to being offered consultancy projects.

Who might The Occasional Speaker disclose sensitive and suitability information to?

  • Consultants providing services to The Occasional Speaker’s clients
  • Commonwealth and State Government Departments and Agencies as required under legislation

Sensitive and suitability information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose, unless you agree otherwise, or the use or disclosure of the sensitive information is allowed by law.

Our website

At our website, we do not collect personally identifiable information from individuals other than that provided to us voluntarily and knowingly.

If you provide information for a specific purpose, we use that information for the purpose of providing the services you have requested. If you specifically agreed to follow-up contact by us or asked to be put on our mailing list, we will contact you from time to time via our newsletter. This will provide you with items of interest and our course schedule. You can always unsubscribe to our newsletter.

We do not share or sell any personal information you give us with anyone outside of The Occasional Speaker, other than as set out in this privacy policy.

reCAPTCHA  – We have implemented reCAPTCHA to fight spam and abuse on The Occasional Speaker website. The use of reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Sending information overseas

The Occasional Speaker will not send personal information about an individual outside Australia without:

  • obtaining the consent of the individual (in some cases this consent will be implied); or
  • otherwise complying with the National Privacy Principles

Management and security of personal information

All The Occasional Speaker principals, employees, trainers and consultants are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information, sensitive information and the privacy of individuals.

In the case of consultants/trainers, The Occasional Speaker may retain personal information if they become inactive, in case they wish to become active again. Consultants/trainers may contact The Occasional Speaker to have this personal information removed.

The Occasional Speaker has in place reasonable steps to protect the personal information and sensitive information The Occasional Speaker holds from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, and modification or disclose. The Occasional Speaker may do this by use of various methods including, as necessary, locked storage of paper records and password protected access rights to computerised records.

Updating personal information

The Occasional Speaker endeavours to ensure that the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

A person may seek to update or access their personal information held by The Occasional Speaker by contacting us at 0400 778807, or via email at

You have the right to check what personal information The Occasional Speaker holds about you.

Under the Commonwealth Privacy Act, an individual has the right to obtain access to any personal information which The Occasional Speaker holds about them and to advise The Occasional Speaker of any perceived inaccuracy.

There are some exceptions to this right set out in the Act.

To make a request to access any information The Occasional Speaker holds about you, please contact in writing (email will be accepted).

The Occasional Speaker may require you to verify your identity and specify what information you require.


If you would like further information about the way The Occasional Speaker manages the personal information it holds,  contact us by phone at 0400 778807, or via email at

Revision of Policy

The Occasional Speaker reserves the right to monitor and revise this policy. This policy will be published on the The Occasional Speaker website.


Your email address will be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and may be added to a mailing list. We will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose, and will not disclose it without your consent.

Last updated: January 25th, 2020