Best Man Speech

You’ve been asked to be best man! It doesn’t happen often that the title of “best” is bestowed on you. Of course you accept with pleasure. After all, you’ve been the groom’s go-to man all his life. Your mate is depending on you for support through this important “rite of passage.” You’re cool with that. You’ve been with him through thick and thin, and you’re perfectly qualified to get the guys together for the usual pre-wedding SMB. Luckily, you also scrub up well and, with some help from YouTube, you’ll remember how to tie a tie.

Best man duties:

  • Organising the bucks’ night – Easy!
  • Getting your mate to the ceremony on time – No sweat!
  • Partnering that gorgeous bridesmaid – Yes, please!

You’re the top choice for best man!

Now, with the big day drawing near, comes the realization that you have to make a speech. You feel weak at the knees. The idea of standing up before your best mate’s relatives and friends is suddenly more daunting that bungy jumping holiday.

That’s where we come in!

Simply book a session with The Occasional Speaker. We’ll show you how to turn a few simple thoughts about your mate and his special girl into a powerful presentation.

By the way, this new found skill will have spin off for your career prospects too!

How it works

The Occasional Speaker offers a range of packages to help you write your speech and/or coach you on how to deliver it on the big day. You will be amazed at what you are able to achieve within a short period of time with some friendly and professional help. Prepare to deliver your speech with all the style of a polished performer!

Contact us today to book your 15 minute complimentary, obligation free, Skype or telephone consultation. We’ll use this time to get to know your personality and you’ll have ideas for your speech.

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