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Positive Language for Positive Results

Whether you communicate orally, or in writing, the way you express yourself will impact on the results you get. Even when you are conveying unpleasant news, the impact can be softened by the use of what we call positive language.


Cost: $130.00, inclusive of GST
Location: Taught Online at
Tutor: Elizabeth Paine
Sessions: Work at your own pace – Allow around 3 ½ hours
Time: Work in your own time
Starts: Immediately
Finishes: You have eight weeks from time of enrollment to complete this course.

This course is conducted online in a one-on-one with the tutor. Enrol anytime!

Course outcomes

In this workshop we’ll learn:

  • how your speech style and the actual words and phrases you use impact on the message
  • how words and the way we express ourselves contributes positively or negatively on our message
  • simple techniques to change the way we express our message and engage with people

Topics include:

  • What is positive language?
  • Understanding the theory of negation
  • The notion of “forbidden fruit” and how does it influences behaviour
  • Sticks and stones – the impact of our self-talk on the results we achieve
  • The problem with “not a problem!”
  • Maintaining credibility – our tendency to self-sabotage
  • Filling up on empty words
  • How pronouns confuse
  • Top words and phrases that reassure your customers
  • Choosing the right words – Understanding connotation
  • Positive language in customer service
  • Understanding the impact of our non-verbal messages
    – Body language
    – Paralanguage – It’s not what you say!
  • Becoming a positive communicator
  • How to say “no” with style

This course is delivered in partnership with Learning Insight.

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