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Overcoming Podium Panic

  • Take very deep breaths.
  • Speak slowly
  • Don’t be concerned about making mistakes – we all do.
  • Have visual aids
  • Have a few notes written on cardboard (not paper)

    Research shows that, for most people, public speaking is their number 1 fear.

However, keep in mind that mostly your audience is more interested in what you have to say, then in critiquing your ability to say it.  Create some audio visuals such as PowerPoint, or use some props so that the audience have a secondary focus.

Of course don’t read your PowerPoint slides word-for-word; you need to connect with your audience so eye contact is important.

Have a few notes to guide.  Be sure they are written on cardboard – not paper.  (Paper shakes in your hand when you are nervous so it’s a ‘dead-set give away when you’re nervous. Cardboard holds rigid so it disguises the nerves.  Practice your presentation out aloud so that your words flow easily.  You need to be familiar enough with the content that you can lift your eyes up from your notes and establish rapport with your audience.  Never write your speech out in full.

Finally, look out for those people in your audience who are nodding at you.  They are showing their interest.  Focus some of your attention at them. They can be very reassuring.

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