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How Our Self-Talk Reflects in Our Speech Making

Take a good look at your own attitude when you begin to prepare your speech. Your feelings of self worth reflect in your voice and speech. To make powerful, impressive and lasting presentations, begin by reflecting on what you are saying to yourself. Our thoughts about ourselves impact our ability to speak with, and engage, an audience.

Consider this:

If you see all your faults displayed in front of you every time you look in the mirror, obviously your self-esteem is taking a beating.

If, however, you look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I’m looking good today,” or “I have a friendly looking face,” your self-esteem grows a little bit, and you become more confident in your ability to do things like speak in public.

Listen to your inner voice and the self-talk you give yourself. If you can hear the negative messages, make a start on replacing them with new, objective, positive self-statements. Over time, you can re-build your self-esteem and confidence.

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